Year 0 – The First Commercial Game Released On Goo’s Technology

Today Year 0 – an online massively multi-player strategy game – was launched. The game was created by Legendary Games, who says Year 0 “marks the start of the birth of HTML5 as a serious platform for creating games good enough to take on native language applications.


Year 0 is the first commercial game created with Goo and can be played from any internet enabled device. “The enhanced 3D version of our game had become a pipe dream for us and we were preparing to launch in isometric 2D until we came across Goo,” says Ewan Lamont, CEO of Legendary Games. “It took us a couple of months to switch engine and we are certainly moving more than double the speed we were with the artists having loads more control and input.

Building the game in Goo has made Legendary Games experienced users of the engine. “It is the best HTML5 engine I have ever used, it is in a class of its own at the moment. Integration was a piece of cake and the Art Pipeline is amazing,” says Adam Smith, Game Developer at Legendary Games. Sam Postans, Graphic Artist, says “The import and export process is really simple and user friendly. It’s quick and easy pipeline gives good control over art assets, materials, lighting and effects.


Here Ewan Lamont tells us about how Legendary Games ended up using Goo:

Using Goo has given us access to their full screen effects and excellent online editor that makes it possible for our artists to test and export scenes without needing coder involvement. We have received excellent support from the Goo team and are excited about the many genuine opportunities this engine will bring in the future.

Initially we planned on doing all the tech in-house starting with isometric games in and outside the canvas. We considered using Unity for fully 3D games but were keen to avoid a plug-in and use a fully HTML5-based solution, so we investigated three.js which was easy to work with and to get things up and running, but then experienced problems when we got to the animation. There was no real support for Maya exporting and skeletal animation was still fairly basic.

So we decided to move to Turbulenz, which was much more fully featured. However, Turbulenz has been designed to be used within their framework to create games for their portal, so we sometimes struggled to get our game working with it in the way we wanted. Although it was a good engine, it was not as intuitive to work with as three.js.

We then experimented with Goo, just to take a look and compare with Turbulenz. The tool and feature set was so good, and the engine so easy to work with, that we made the decision that it would be quicker and easier to switch development to Goo, as we were again running into difficulties with animation support. With Goo, our animations worked correctly without needing modification.


Year 0

The War raged globally for a decade, gradually sweeping away the old order and replacing it with anarchy. With a final crescendo, it reached its cataclysmic finale, and only now have the ashes settled enough for the survivors to emerge from their underground bunkers once again.

In the aftermath a new age for humanity has begun. The world is a broken hellish version of its former self. By day the sun is visible as a faint ghost through the pall, a memory of golden promise. Rain spits black torrents from the heavens. Stagnant rivers reflect the hazy sheen in an inverted pall. Black trees morph and twist out of the hellish bracken.

No matter though, the bunkers are still operational. While scavengers forage the ruins of civilisation for anything that might ensure another day of survival, mechanised factories continue to provide sufficient material to ensure death at high velocities. There isn’t much left, but it is worth fighting for…

The War may be over, but the Battle has only just begun. It is Year 0.


Year 0 can be played in open beta on Facebook and is also available on the Legendary Games portal. Try it out now!